Collection: Forma - 3d Printed Saddles



A saddle can make or break your ride and 3D Carbon saddles are unmatched for comfort due to better vibration dampening and pressure absorption. Only problem is that many 3D bike saddles currently on sale are exorbitantly expensive, but we are changing that.

Global Product Team 

The great thing about 3D printing is that we can change patterns, density when we need. We have athletes all over the globe using our saddle including right here in Australia. Testing the road, Ironman and Gravel saddles.

We also want to hear from you about what works for you? Where do you see this technology going?


The one other thing we really care about is making sure our foot print on this beautiful world is as limited as possible. We have been working on a new carbon that is fully recyclable and we can reuse it again to make new products. It is an ambitious material to use and a totally crazy idea, but we know we can do this! Look out for updates when this can be ready.