Thunderbolts Adventure - Conquering Barrington Tops Unbound Velo Style

Thunderbolts Adventure - Conquering Barrington Tops Unbound Velo Style

When it comes to pushing limits and embracing the wild, there’s no better backdrop than the rugged terrain of New South Wales, Australia. This past weekend, Unbound Velo's athletes took on the Thunderbolts Adventure— a two-day gravel odyssey that promised unbeatable scenery and delivered an experience to remember.

The journey began in Gloucester, a charming town nestled in the Barrington Coast region. Known for its rich history and stunning natural beauty, Gloucester is the perfect launchpad for any adventure. As our riders set off, they were met with the raw, unfiltered splendor of Thunderbolts Way, a route named after the notorious bushranger Captain Thunderbolt who once roamed these lands. This route is a testament to both history and the indomitable spirit of those who dare to traverse it.

Day one was a test of grit and resilience. The weather was nothing short of brutal—temperatures plummeting to 1 degree Celsius, with rain, sleet, and howling winds battering our riders. Robbie Allen, Big Adz, Pommy Rob, Pete Waldren and Muz faced 105 kilometers and 2400 vertical meters of relentless climbing. Despite the harsh conditions, they powered through, showcasing the true essence of adventure.

After cresting the Barrington Tops range and tackling a 30-minute descent, the riders reached the Moonen Flat Rodeo Ground. Here, amidst the breathtaking scenery, a feast awaited. The support crew outdid themselves, providing a sumptuous spread and ample hydration—yes, there was plenty of booze! Robbie Allen, doubling as our DJ, set the stage for a night of celebration with over 200 fellow adventurers.

Day two brought more favorable weather, but the challenge was far from over. The 125-kilometer return journey to Gloucester, with another 2400 vertical meters of climbing, tested tired legs and weary bodies. Yet, the camaraderie among riders and the awe-inspiring landscape made every pedal stroke worth it. Creek crossings and the verdant surroundings provided moments of serenity amidst the physical demands.

Throughout this epic journey, our Storck Gravel Bikes were the unsung heroes. These machines, designed to handle the toughest terrains, performed flawlessly. From the punishing climbs to the rapid descents, the bikes provided the reliability and performance needed to conquer such a formidable route.

The Thunderbolts Adventure is more than just a ride—it's a testament to the power of human spirit and the allure of the great outdoors. Gloucester and Moonan Flats offered the perfect setting, blending history, natural beauty, and a sense of adventure that resonates with the core of Unbound Velo.

As we reflect on this incredible journey, we celebrate the resilience of our athletes, the dedication of our support crew, and the spirit of adventure that drives us. Here’s to many more miles, countless memories, and the unyielding pursuit of the next great adventure.

Stay tuned, stay adventurous, and keep riding unbound.


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